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Bake And Cake Like A Pro

You Will Learn:

How to bake a fluffy and delicious cake?
How to bake using 6 different baking techniques?
What to do pre-baking and also post-baking?
How to bake in an oven and how to prepare your oven perfect baking?
How to prepare your baking ingredients before baking?
How to properly crust, fill and layer a cake?

How to use syrups to add flavours and moisture to cakes?
How to perfectly combine different flavours to create unique cakes that stand out?
How to crumb coat a round cake with buttercream?
How to bake a perfect fruit cake?
How to mature a fruit cake?
How to cover a fruit cake with marzipan?
How to properly freeze a cake?

How to make three types of buttercream?
How to make the best buttercream recipe you've ever tasted?
How to colour buttercream?
How to decorate a cake with buttercream to perfection?
How to pipe with buttercream on a cake?
How to write an inscription on a cake?
How to create textures on a cake with buttercream?
How to make chocolate ganache?
How to ganache a square cake?
How to get sharp edges on a round cake and on a square cake?
How to make a perfect drip cake?

How to make perfect homemade fondant?
How to prepare a cake to cover it with fondant?
How to decorate a cake with fondant to get a flawless finish?

How to make gumpaste?
How to make a gumpaste rose and a peony?
How to decorate a cake with sugar flowers?
How to use cutters to decorate a cake?
How to properly stack a tiered cake?
How to make perfect royal icing?
How to pressure pipe on a cake with royal icing?

And lots more valuable tips!

Bonus Cake Photography Lesson

Learn how to take beautiful photographs of your cakes.

Get more customers by impressing them with clear photographs of your beautiful masterpieces. 

About Your Instructor

Maria M. Michael

Maria M. Michael

Founder & Teacher

Maria M. Michael (Bsc, BEng, MSc, IFST)  is the food scientist tutor and cake business coach at Sweet Cake Academy. Maria is a cake designer and a food photographer. She started baking and cake decorating 9 years ago and ran a cake business in London before moving into teaching. She teaches professional baking, cake decorating and cake business management. She also coaches those who want to start a cake business and those who want to grow their cake business to help them achieve success faster. 

Maria has a degree in Biochemistry from King's College London, a Master's degree in Biochemical engineering from University College London (UCL) and a second Master's degree in Food Science which she acquired so to master food business production, safety and food business management.

She lives in Cambridgeshire, UK with her family.


Professional Baking

Professional Cake Decorating

Buttercream Cakes

Fondant Cakes

Stacking Cakes

Gumpaste Flowers

What Students Say

World class cake and culinary school.
Lucy Mugo Kenya
Maria is an awesome and patient teacher. I have learnt how to pay attention to details and hygiene and little things that makes you stand out as a good cake decorator. Looking forward to more. Maria you are the best.
Olayemi Damilola Nigeria
Sweet Cake Academy is the best place to learn about baking. Maria is the best coach.
Pamela Akimu Ndlovu Tanzania


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Bake & Cake Like A Pro

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